Analysis on the market of women's shoes at present

- Feb 07, 2018 -

The Chinese female population accounts for about 48% of the total population of China. According to AC Nielsen survey data of the world famous market research company, the total consumption of Chinese women's shoes market is 6 billion pairs in 2006, the total consumption of the market is 210 billion yuan, and it has been increasing rapidly at 12% speed for ten consecutive years. China has been the largest consumer market for women's shoes in the world for 12 years.  In the next ten years, the market for women's shoes in China's small and medium-sized cities will develop at an extraordinary speed, with huge market capacity, beyond the imagination of the merchants. By 2010, the total consumption of women's shoes will exceed 8 billion pairs, and the total market transaction is estimated to be up to 300 billion yuan. This group of amazing data is enough to prove the huge business opportunities behind the women's shoes.

At present, China's domestic women's shoes brand market is scattered and lacks proper norms, especially in women's shoes market. Enterprises rarely pay attention to service links, lack of long-term planning, brand marketing and service marketing concept, and seldom consider how to win repeat customers. The brand is a lot of homogenization, and the style is single. The style, design, technology and brand added value of the domestic women's shoes brand are difficult to meet the growing demand and desire of the mainstream class. The mainstream consumer, represented by middle class women, has long been suppressed and ignored, and the women's shoe market needs a reliable brand.

The best time for the sale of women's shoes

Women's shoes sales off-season is basically 7, August sales, the best time for the new year's day, Spring Festival, 51, eleven and the mall or platform of anniversary activities, although the best selling brand shoes is not for a long time, only a week or so, but the usual sales brand sales is 2-3 times of the season, so the majority of brand shoes will not miss this good time, will participate in promotions, discounts, rebates and other activities basically. Although some small brands will not be able to participate in the activities, but it is a product of the opportunity to run, and will also actively participate.

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