How do a new shoe polish the foot?

- Feb 07, 2018 -

The shoes of the newly bought shoes could not wait to pass out, but never thought that a pair of shoes that grind feet would destroy the mood of the men shopping. Here are several ways to avoid it.

Wet towel method

The shoes may make the cortex hard and soften the cortex in this way. Wet the towel with water, put the wet towel at the foot of the shoe in the evening, and wear the shoes after one night, and the feeling of grinding your feet will be much less.

Blowout method

Girls have hair dryer with a hair dryer blow directly at the foot wear shoes, wear the foot can be reduced..

It is time for the smashing method a little goblin violent taste taste, with a hammer mill feet hit a hit, but must be careful, do not accidentally put the shoes smashed.

Cloth hair

Put a piece of rubber on the heel of the grinding foot, and you won't feel the ground for a while.


Fold the heel of the grinding foot into the shoe and wear shoes like a slipper. After a few days, it will improve.

Newspaper humid method

Crumple the scrap newspaper, wet it with water (slightly) and pack a newspaper, then put it in the shoe's feet.

Liquor leaching

The small part of the white wine into the new leather shoes, shaking a few times, after an hour to wear, the hard heel will not be so hard.

Shoe wedge big law shoes small how to do? The most direct way is to push the shoes up, soak the shoes with a wet towel and put the shoe wedge in the shoes to make the shoes big. Such a simple and rough way, pay attention to too much strength to break the shoes.

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