How to buy sandals for children?

- Jul 01, 2018 -

How to buy sandals for children?

1, size: fit the foot. When you try your baby, you should pay attention to let the baby "walk two steps": At this time, the mothers should pay attention to it. After the baby puts on the shoes, they stand on the ground and land on the whole foot. Let the baby's toes reach the front of the shoe, and the back can reach into one of the adults' fingers, and pay attention to the size of the foot for the baby at regular intervals, pay attention to whether the baby needs to change shoes.

2, fabric: high-quality soft sheepskin is the first choice, soft leather followed, plastic and synthetic leather is best to give up. Because plastic and synthetic leather are poorly breathable, the baby will feel stuffy and wet, which is not good for the skin.

3, upper: the upper should be soft, preferably smooth, without decorations, so as not to be dragged when the baby is walking, resulting in an accident.

4, upper: the upper is better than the ankle, and soft, can protect the baby's feet from harm.

5, sole: the sole should be flexible, can be bent by hand, non-slip, slightly with a heel, can prevent the baby from walking backwards, balance the center of gravity.

6, modeling: wide and fat most comfortable, pointed narrow body to give up!

7, the price: do what you can, it is best for you.

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