How to choose a pair of good shoes?

- Feb 07, 2018 -

It's hard to get a pair of shoes that fit perfectly with their feet, and some people haven't worn the right shoes all their life. Most of them are shoes that are full of shoes.

1, with plantar heel at the concave radian must fit, ankle and toe should not touch the shoes. The front foot must have a certain swing space, and then the heel can not swing.

2, the ideal heel height is between 2-4 centimeters, it is best not to exceed 6 centimeters.

3, the weight of the shoe is increased by 1 grams, and the burden on the foot is equivalent to adding dozens of grams of weight on the back of the person's back. So, choose light shoes as much as possible.

4, the right shoes should be from the day to buy it right. Don't try to wear it for two days without grinding your feet. In the course of a painful running in, your feet will grow into problems, or even become deformities, so that they can't adapt to any good shoes in the future.

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