How to choose the right hiking shoes?

- Feb 14, 2019 -

Life is endless, and exercise is not stop. Nowadays, sports has become one of the indispensable ways of relaxation in people's lives, and the hiking without specific site restrictions and professional equipment requirements is more popular among sports enthusiasts. High-intensity leg movements naturally do not have a pair of suitable shoes to escort. To choose a pair of suitable shoes, you must first choose the right pair. Probably confused are hiking shoes and hiking shoes.

I will give you a detailed introduction to the difference between hiking shoes and hiking shoes:

1 high to help mountaineering, low to help. Hiking shoes are high-top design, which can protect our ankles from sprains in uneven road conditions; hiking shoes are basically low-cut design, which can meet the needs of long walks.

2 The material of the sole is different. The soles of hiking shoes are relatively hard, and have good wear resistance and grip. They basically have the functions of stab and anti-tie, and have anti-shock function design in the middle. The sole design of the walking shoes is generally soft, and it is more suitable for walking in the city. 3 uppers difference. The upper material of the hiking shoes is relatively wear-resistant, and the shape of the shoes is quite consistent with the shape of the feet. The upper is not easily deformed under pressure, and the foot can be prevented from being injured. The uppers of the walking shoes are generally leather and nylon, and the leather surface is more soft. It is softer than the uppers of the hiking shoes, and is more comfortable to wear, suitable for long-term wear.

If you want to ask hiking shoes or hiking shoes?

This is not a good answer because different sports have different specific needs for shoes. Imagine what it feels like to wear high-top waterproof hiking shoes while exercising on the treadmill in the gym. If you have hiking activities on foot, don't be afraid of trouble, try to bring hiking shoes and hiking shoes. Because the road conditions of mountaineering vary greatly, wearing hiking shoes for a long time is also a heavy burden on the feet. Therefore, wearing hiking shoes can protect and relax the feet when the road conditions are good. Outdoor activities are also divided into types. If you are only doing short-term hiking, no mountain roads or mountain roads are relatively flat, no water and no big rain, then you can choose hiking shoes, or low-top hiking shoes, they usually have hiking shoes. The basic characteristics, as well as a certain degree of water resistance. There are many choices for this kind of shoes. The price ranges from tens to thousands. See your financial ability. If you go out for less activities, you can choose the general one, and there is also the advantage that you can wear it in urban activities every day. If you are a good friend and want to participate in some medium-intensity and difficult outdoor activities, I suggest you have a pair of high-quality hiking shoes. The main function of high-top hiking shoes is to protect the feet and ankles. Therefore, the focus is on the material of the upper, the material and the pattern of the soles. It is required to be waterproof and breathable (such as waterproof leather plus gotexe), the protection of the toe and the surrounding In place, the ankle area is soft and moderate. It is necessary to protect the ankle and not to wear the ankle too hard. The inside of the shoe should be soft and hard to wear comfortably. The sole should only have proper hardness and wear resistance and no slip.

So, based on the recommendations mentioned above:

1. If the conditions permit, it is best to prepare two pairs, each level is high and low, and the grade depends on individual economic ability. If you don't wading or have no rain or snow, you can buy low-cost shoes at a moderate price or even a low price. However, if you want to wading or rain and snow, choose a shoe with good water resistance. The tongue part is the weakest part of the waterproof, so be sure to check carefully whether the design of the tongue is tight enough and waterproof enough. "In the slanting wind and rain, stepping on a pair of shoes that are wet inside and outside is not in the mood for the outdoors. The most important thing is that in the cold environment, the process of warming will accelerate the danger. In addition, it will inevitably encounter special humidity during the mountaineering. The environment, when the feet will be a little damp, this requires good hiking shoes must have enough open space, even in a very humid environment can be easily put on and off.

2, the choice of shoe code is very important. When the shoes are put on the feet, walk a few more steps, feel the feet are adapted, feel that there are no stitching corners will rest on the feet. The space before and after the shoes should be suitable, not too small or too large. The front and rear spaces are too small, the toes will be against the front, and the toes will be injured. Generally speaking, after a day of activity, the feet will become swollen, so hiking shoes should be chosen to be one size larger than usual. One experience is to choose a size bigger than the shoes you wear (such as the shoes you wear on a daily basis, the 42 for hiking shoes) or the same size as the sneakers you wear. Remember that you can't choose small, big, you can put some soft things like cotton and gauze in front.

3. The choice of socks is very important. Since it is wearing hiking shoes, it is generally said to be outdoor activities, the amount of exercise is large, sweating is more, so it is best to choose thicker functional socks.

4, the way to wear shoes is very important. The characteristics of high-top shoes determine that you must pay attention to prevent blood bubbles and abrasions when wearing, so the first to wear thick socks, the second must be fasten the laces, and the third necessary to wear the equipment to protect the ankles.

5, go long, especially when there are up and down the mountain road, you must wear knee pads.

Understand the difference between hiking shoes and hiking shoes, I believe that everyone has a standard of measurement when buying shoes. In addition, we also remind everyone to wear thick socks when purchasing hiking shoes, so that when we climb downhill, we will not feel that the shoes are small and will be more comfortable to walk.

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