How to choose the right insole

- Feb 07, 2018 -

First of all, we need to look at the degree of thickness of the insole, general cloth or fiber insoles do not be too thin, too thin pad on the inside foot shoes uncomfortable, unless you buy the shoes a little small. Next we want to see whether the sweat, which is mainly what components, general cloth pad needs often change, which mainly rely on the cloth to absorb sweat and bamboo carbon or other fiber without regular washing, but few can double for wear. What we need to see behind is the hard and soft degree and workmanship of insole. If the insole is too soft or even thin, it will wrinkle easily, which will cause the shoe pad to shrink into one piece, and finally your feet will not bear it. But the insole is too hard, too hard to cause the pain of the sole board. I have a thick cocoon on my feet. Every time I buy a hard insole, it hurts. Is easily wrinkled, wearing is not comfortable, so choose moderate, while doing the work required in the fine, not the cable head outside, but can not have no suture good place, often because of the foot movement, and the friction is relatively large, if there is no suture thread or place it soon wear.

Finally, there is a little bit can choose appropriate insoles than their shoes slightly smaller, but the deviation is not too big, put down after insole control in 2 - 3 mm gap is appropriate, if the shoes insole completely consistent, so the shoe pad would be more trouble, need a long nail to remove. In fact, currently on the market a variety of general insoles, exercise regularly, sweaty feet to choose slightly thick and the sweat absorbent insole is appropriate, in winter and summer also have some differences, the summer can choose to sweat through the cool type, and winter can choose sweat warm winter insole need do not wear a pair of insoles long-term wear, buy a few pairs for wear.

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