Kind of sandals

- Jul 01, 2018 -

Kind of sandals

Caliga: Military shoes worn by Roman legionary soldiers.

Clog: Sandals or similar shoes that are usually heavy wood. Generally refers to shoes that do not lace (Slip-on), but also include Boots.

Geta: Japanese hibiscus. The Japanese language is called 駄下駄. It can be seen in the Geisha and Sumo dresses.

Espadrilles: Generally Canvas upper.

Roman sandals: Vamp tapes.

Zori: Japanese may be ‘grass’.

Mules: refers to shoes without Backless or sandals.

Guadalko: A type of sandal made from scrap tires in the past in the Yungmun region. There are many people in the countryside. More popular sandals, more convenient and skinny!

Beach sandals: used when you go to the beach, more popular among elementary and middle school students

Anti-static sandals: anti-static sandals use static dissipative material PU (polyurethane) to make soles. Introducing the kinematics and physiology-based HAD system, the shoe body is light, soft, comfortable and breathable, and will not wear out over time. It is a more economical choice. Suitable for use in electrostatic sensitive areas. The insoles have a sole resistance of 10 to the 6th to 8th power, the body to the sole has a resistance of 10 5th to 7th, and the surface resistance is 10 to the 6th to the 8th power. Scope of use: Requirements of dust-free production workshops, semiconductor manufacturing, electronic display tube manufacturing, computer motherboard production companies, mobile phone manufacturers.

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