Several main points of picking shoes

- Feb 07, 2018 -

In this well-developed commodity society, it is difficult for us to choose a pair of shoes suitable for ourselves. So how can you pick up your shoes for yourself?

1. try on the shoes when trying to wear them, because the feet are usually larger than the feet at the time of sitting. Take a few steps when trying to see the fit is not suitable.

2. be sure to choose a pair of shoes with the ideal size. At least ten foot fingers can be free in the shoes.

3. when choosing shoes, you can't care only about the shoes, but the most important thing is to care about the material of the shoes. Good shoes are breathable and sweaty, and they are comfortable to wear on their feet. The bad shoes are not only uncomfortable, but they are also likely to make you sick.

4. when choosing shoes, remember to choose soft and flexible sole.

5. sometimes the pair of shoes will make you more visual.

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