The eight great stress of women wearing shoes

- Feb 07, 2018 -

One, the color of the shoes should be exquisite

Everyone has their own love color, color contains a mystery, and interpret the information. The good and dislikes of a person's attitude to a certain color are changed with time and mood. In general, the color of the shoes should match the five lines of their own. Gold color with white, beige and gold; the color of wood blue and green; water colors are black and blue; the fire colors are red, purple; earthy colors are yellow and brown.

Two, the comfort of the shoes should be exquisite

There are many styles of shoes, such as leather shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes, wedding shoes, boots, shoes, shoes, shoes, high heels; old shoes, sandals, slippers, shoes youth; boots, shoes and so on, this is not the only one.

Shoes symbolize a person's friend. What kind of shoe is the most common shoe, and the comfort of the shoe is considered. If you are regular for some kind of need, regardless of your own bad or even pain, then your bad luck will come quietly. Therefore, if you really sacrifice your own bipedal comfort due to occupation and other needs, then you can immediately change the right shoes at the non professional time, so that your good luck will not slip away, and at the same time, you can wear some decorations in the occupational period.

Three. Dress shoes should be paid attention to

It's like wearing different clothes on different occasions, and shoes are different on different occasions. On formal occasions, be sure to wear shoes that match your five lines of color and style. For example, work, talks, trading, and so on, if you do not pay attention to the shoes, then the sound of shoes and evil, will give you an unknown result. Encounter small people, negotiation strength and so on uninvited.

Of particular note is the arrival of summer, many girls will wear the front like sandals behind go to work with the shoes, the shoes for a long time, luck also be exhausted, not to mention wearing this kind of shoes to the negotiations and other formal occasions, in addition, some people sit easily when the shoes from the heel, like half shoes, or even some people simply took off his shoes, and it is extremely bad, truth itself is unknown.

Four. Shoes should not be worn more

Some of the Sohu people who work at home, or those who don't need to wear formal shoes, tend to be easy or lazy and take a pair of shoes to shake. As a result, by the end of the year, I didn't seem to have a good luck. In fact, some shoes can't always be worn on the feet, such as flip flops.  Remember: no shoes can't be changed for a long time.

Five. The wind and water of the shoelace

There are usually formal shoes laces, a shoelace must immediately change, change shoes should be the same color, do not arbitrarily change the laces of various colors and textures, otherwise it will damp feet. To fasten shoelaces, some convenience does not tie, or just a plug, so long, emotional life will be greatly affected.

Six. Carefully wear old shoes and second-hand shoes

Shoes symbolize marriage and career. If you turn out the old shoes or shoes that you wear ten years ago, or shoes you wear by others, you may change your marriage and career. Of course, children wear other people's shoes to say.

Seven. Wear little odd shoes

Some people are looking for new fashions and fashion, favoured by strange shoes, wearing or changing their style and fashion almost every day of the year. Unless you are the shoe spokesmen or models, or wear those who meet the five for your satisfactory shoes.

Eight. Pay attention to the collection of shoes

The shoe collection mainly pay attention to three principles: one is the shoes into the cabinet, do not long time do not wear shoes on the left side of the shoes, with the outer atmosphere, aside for a long time will be "spoiler"; the two is the shoe height can not exceed your shoulder, or press your aura; three is included the shoe must move.

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