What is casual shoes?

- Jun 22, 2018 -

What is casual shoes?

Casual shoes are a type of footwear, the main feature is a simple, comfortable design concept to meet the needs of people wearing everyday life. The concept, connotation and function of casual shoes are closely related to this new life ideal and method. People use the shape, brand, and connotation of casual shoes to decorate themselves and display themselves, and to obtain a kind of aesthetic pleasure and symbolic spiritual satisfaction.

Leisure is a kind of living condition pursued by modern people. It is a way of life and it is a special manifestation of modern culture in modern life. Leisure is often turned into a fashion symbol in contemporary people's lives, covering all aspects of life, such as walking, sports, fitness, travel, and shopping. To please yourself and enjoy a colorful life, leisure has become a modern chase

One of the indispensable indicators of life and quality of life.

From the use point of view, casual shoes should have both practical and aesthetic basic functions. The lack of which will seriously affect the use of casual shoes. Practical features are the premise of the existence of casual shoes. Aesthetic and symbolic functions are important extensions of casual shoes. Features.

Since casual shoes conform to the people's desire for leisure life in the fast pace of the speed economy era, they will become the popular theme in the future. People's values and aesthetics are also accompanied by rapid changes in the socio-economic and increasingly personalized, diversified features, comfort, fashion, health, personality has become the focus of attention and new darling. "2009-2010 China Casual Shoes Industry Trends Research and Development Forecast Analysis Report" analyzes the development status of the casual footwear industry and forecasts the development prospects of 2009. Attentive users discovered that the 3P domain name associated with casual shoes has been registered.


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