What is the style of casual shoes?

- Jun 22, 2018 -

What is the style of casual shoes?

The basic requirement of casual sports shoes is to be comfortable, light and individual. Therefore, protection and functionality will remain the two main characteristics of casual sports shoes. The design is characterized by a combination of vintage and trendy, and will be more expansive in style, highlighting streamline dynamics. Men's casual sports shoes are more rational in style, elegant and generous, and simple and smooth. Women's leisure sports shoes are pursuing comfort, elegance and dignity, and the style changes little.

In terms of style, reflecting simple lines, floating lines, lyrical and light, but at the same time give people ups and downs. The overall development is towards simplicity. Simple is the main principle of casual shoes this winter. Its development trend is the emphasis on comfortable and romantic styles, smooth and even vision, mixed use of various materials and structural design for ease of wear and tear. Men's casual shoes emphasize natural innocence, sports shoes and booties are mainstream styles to meet the needs of outdoor activities. The primary principle of this winter's casual shoes is that color will be used in a large number of colors that are in harmony with nature. Its development trend is to emphasize comfortable and romantic styles, smooth and even vision.

Opposition shows tension, contradictions are perfect, and the two are blended again and again, with elegance in the simplicity. On the fashion stage of casual sports shoes, a large area of asymmetrical pleats and inadvertent canvas burrs make this season even more dazzling.

Sports wind blows and scrapes, often scrapes, fashion movement is the trend. Because of the success of the 2008 Olympic Games, many international famous brands have launched the Olympic sports fashion leisure sports. The lines of the upper and soles have a strong run and sprint charm, lively, brisk and very dynamic.

Always nostalgic, it's time to innovate. "Futurism" will be a big trend, such as the production of shoes. In fact, the wave shoes are shoes, but the wave shoes are leather, and the shoes are more expensive. On the cultural level, wave shoes have been separated from sports and are clearly labeled with fashion.

The contour lines of the upper and sole show a variety of trends and fully express the romantic, casual, relaxed, lively and jumping emotions.

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