How To Choose Children's Shoes To Be Safe

- Feb 07, 2018 -

The dress of a child is as exquisite as an adult. For children's shoes, the characteristics of children's shoes are not only the children's fit, but also two features of safety and functionality. A good pair of shoes for children is very important for children, like adults if not fit to wear a pair of shoes, children also have the same reaction, parents should stand in the scientific point of view to buy shoes for their children.

The characteristics of children's shoes are mainly summed up in three aspects: safety, functionality and fitness, which are considered in many ways. For example, a pair of shoes contains excessive benzene, which may damage the liver function of children. A pair of shoes is also conducive to children's growth and development.

First, security. Why first mentioned security? Now we say that the problem of environmental protection, the production of shoes will have some harmful substance in the shoes inside, for example, six chromium, benzene, six chromium can cause damage to liver and kidney function, also can make the eye retinal hemorrhage, optic atrophy, etc..

Benzene poisoning, we all know that the decoration, in fact benzene poisoning is one of the US occupation disease in the footwear industry, because the adhesive shoe often used in the process of benzene, the influence is very serious, cancer research institutions affiliated to WHO, 1993 to benzene is judged as a kind of human carcinogen, can cause cancer, by respiratory or skin long-term exposure to absorption after suffering from leukemia, and children have become more vulnerable, this is our parents thousands on thousands of the problem can not be ignored, that is when we have the conditions for the children to choose shoes, must pay attention to its environmental protection performance, this is his safety.

Second, functional. There are several requirements from the function. The first toe, to set aside a certain space, the front of the shoe must install the bag mouth hard, protective steps.  Second, the bottom of the shoe to add to the heart, is the best way to support the arch of the foot, the difference, now many people buy a two shoes, that it is soft, actually this kind of shoe is not hook the heart of shoes, really have a heart hook shoes almost at the foot, is walking the curving part. Because there is a hook, it can carry the arch, is not a soft place in the arch of the foot. Third, to be installed with the main heel, heel is hard with the main part, where the ankle is relatively hard, followed by the extension of export is best to add some sponge mouth, because the child's ankle instability, easy to turn, a supporting ankle, a vertical calcaneal growth, not back and forth. Twist.

Third, fit the foot. Shoes must be suitable for the foot, is to measure the child's feet long, in front of the space to be reasonable, and the child can not wear too fat shoes, can not wear too thin shoes, shoes must be good to wrap his feet, shoes are a little bit bigger, 10 mm margin.

If you don't pay attention to it, you won't think of the three aspects of the characteristics of children's shoes. In fact, careful parents can always give children a better choice. Shoes will not be looked good at first, the characteristics of shoes, and the comfort of children's shoes should be the standard of buying shoes. With the improvement of living standards, parents are expected to pay more attention to these details.

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