How To Clean White Sneakers ?

- Jun 01, 2018 -

How to clean white sneakers ???

Now everyone will have one or two pairs of white sneakers in their homes. They are beautiful and comfortable in the summer, and they are also very suitable for sports. If the white shoes are dirty, how can we wash them and when they are just bought, they are as clean and white as they are? No matter how you wash, there is always a yellow water stain on the white shoes.

The first step is to brush the sole. First of all, use the brush to brush the dirtiest area, which is the sole. Brush the sole of the shoe with a hard brush and apply soap or detergent to the brush to clean the dirt. If there is stone or sand in the sole, please use a small screwdriver to remove it and clean it.

The second step is to brush the interior of the shoe. The interior of the shoe is the easiest to forget about the brush. In fact, the inside of the shoe is easy to accumulate sweat, so it is also necessary to clean it. Put a small brush into the interior of the shoe, brush it up and down, then rinse with water.

The third step is to brush the uppers. The shoe upper has different materials and different materials have different cleaning methods. The mesh part can be brushed with a small brush like a toothbrush and rinsed with water. If it is not clean, you can use some detergent, remember to brush in one direction, otherwise it is easy to fluff network-like place. The cloth part can be cleaned directly with water, add some detergent to clean it.

The fourth step is to use toilet paper to wish that this is the most important step in cleaning white shoes. Take toilet paper and wrap toilet paper on the outside of the cleaned white shoes. According to the shape of the white shoes, put the toilet paper on it and leave no space.

The fifth step, air dry. Put the white sneakers wrapped in toilet paper in a ventilated cool place to dry. Remember, don't put it under the sun. The sneakers tend to age the material of the shoes and reduce its service life.

After cleaning the white side of the shoes, that is, after cleaning, it will still be soiled. So how do you care for it? You can wax the white side. Because the wax hit, it can play a very good protection. A lot of dirty things may not be able to come in, but also prevent the white side from being cleaned in a short time. One of the purposes of waxing is to keep the white side from soiling for a short period of time. Another important purpose is to prevent scratches and other conditions. Because playing a layer of wax naturally played a very good protection.

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