How To Judge The Selection Of Sports Shoes

- Feb 07, 2018 -


Click on the value range that corresponds to your weight. This helps to determine the intensity of the buffer you need.

Foot state

Take off shoes and socks, and then stop to smooth the ground or "foot plate". Back, then analyze your footprints, especially the medial arch.

Foot rotation

Walk barefoot in a straight line and check the direction of the toes and hind feet.

The foot touches the ground during running

What's the way you like to run? Please note: if you are not sure, you may belong to the heel ground. Click on the appropriate image.

Static leg axis

Stand straight, close your feet and ankles. Click on the pattern of your leg axis.

The flexibility of the upper ankle joint

Barefoot standing, feet shoulder width apart. Lower the hips to form a squat position. Can it be done without a heel or backwards? Click on the appropriate image.

Dynamic leg axis

Barefoot is standing in front of the mirror. Put the left foot on the mark. Take a single leg squat and bend the weight of the left leg to about 35 degrees.

Please note: keep your torso and hip straight. The motion of the knee joint of the supporting leg is compared with the oblique line on the mirror.

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