How To Maintain The Women's Shoes

- Feb 07, 2018 -

For modern women of the new era, open the wardrobe not dozens of pieces of different styles, different colors of the clothes feel shy says that she is a woman; the same open shoe leather, with different styles of dozens of pairs of shoes, you know how collocation and maintenance? Light leather, leather, leather, butter, water leather and wax play, floral sheepskin, leather, leather, tire fog snake leather...... Can you make it clear?

One, light cowhide and foggy cowhide

It is best to wear more than 10 degrees Celsius, so that the coating is not easy to crack. It is best to use white or colorless shoes, especially not with oil - based brighteners, otherwise the coating will fall off.

Two. Serpent cowhide

You can use shoe milk or water-based brightener to cut out oil - based brighteners to prevent harden.

Three. The patterned sheepskin and the plaid sheepskin

The brightener is not used and the better colorless advanced shoe milk is used. But the amount of shoe milk should not be too much, the smear should be uniform, the skin color after treatment will be slightly deepened, but after the volatilization of the shoe milk, the basic recovery is as early as the first. As the color slightly deepens, it is a normal phenomenon

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