How To Prevent Shoes From Being Mouldy

- Feb 07, 2018 -

Many in the seasons will not wear the shoes away, to wait until next season to take time, but often to second years to wear shoes, but found moldy phenomenon. So, how do you solve and prevent shoes from being mouldy?

In 1, the shoes clean, need to use a plastic bag and put the bag tightly sealed, then put it in the dry place, not caused by the extrusion deformation. After storage for a period of time, especially in the Meiyu season, take out the ventilation and re clean it.

2, light colored shoes are easy to stain. When shoeshine, you can first apply lemon juice to the upper surface, then polish the shoe polish, or use toothpaste to brush, which will make shoes shine as new.

3, to put the shoes on the damp, dry in ventilated and dry place, do not exposure and drying, also don't toe toward the ground vertically, should be flat on the ground, to avoid deformation of shoes.

4, the shoes avoid oil, acid, alkaline and sharp articles, in order to prevent corrosion damage.

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