Maintenance And Washing Of Casual Shoes

- Feb 07, 2018 -

1. the need to buy the appropriate shoes for the maintenance and use of knowledge;

2. after the insole is dirty, gently wipe with a soft cotton cloth, dipping water or detergent. And let the shoes dry. After the special shoe upper is damp, should place the shoe in the shade and dry. Avoid direct sunlight or high temperature baking, so as not to cause aging, deforming and fading.

3. avoid contact with sharpness chemicals.

4. casual shoes and sandals are not suitable for intense exercise.

5. more than two pairs of replaceable shoes allow the shoes to take a round break.

6. cloth shoes can be regularly sprayed with waterproof, antifouling spray to keep the upper. Prevent sand law from infiltrating into it.

Sports and leisure shoes to special shoes, some of the shoes are casual shoes, not suitable for fierce sports. Bogey: wipe the vamp brush; the use of inferior shoe polish, often being inferior shoe polish, exposure, fire, will net surface fracture and plastic deformation. The shoes, as long as the heart of sports shoes maintenance is very easy.

Maintenance and use of special leather shoes

1., grind sand Jing skin, brown leather and other leather paint industry avoid water and oil wet shoe, shoe brush application or white rubber, gently wipe the stains, which stained skin fade is a normal phenomenon, should avoid wearing light colored socks wear.

2. velvet material should avoid wet water and stained with shoe polish, available soft brush clean.

3. paint leather shoes, leather shoes is not available or open side brush shoe polish cleaning and maintenance, can only use dry soft cloth to wipe clean.

The leather shoes really should remove dust after polish to ensure the flexibility of soft leather, white leather with white liquid shoe polish, do not use cream colored leather shoe polish, available and consistent color paste or liquid shoe polish; imitation leather shoes with water scrubbing, cleaning after the upper dry matte leather shoes available; brush the upper dust with the same direction can be brushed.

The washing method of leisure shoes

1. Wash the shoes and shoelaces separately with neutral soap / powder water. Remove and wash shoes insole, with a soft brush gently scrub, then rinse.

2, put the insole toe down in the ventilation and dry.

3, the shoes dry, the use of shoe tree will help restore the prototype shoes; or a newspaper stuffed in his shoes. The newspaper has the effect of one stone, not only helps to restore the original shape, but also quickly absorbs the water in the shoes.

4, soles of the shoes head down toward the wall, at room temperature, ventilated place to dry, to prevent the water immersion in the bottom of the foaming material. (because the foamed material is not easy to dry, so it is suggested not to put the wet shoes flat.)

5. After the shoes are dried, the newspapers are taken out and the shoes are dried for a while.

6, excessive direct sunlight, the hot air of the blower and improper nursing methods will reduce the life of the shoes.

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