NBA To Allow Players To Wear Any Color Shoes This Season In Revision Of Previous Policy, Report Says

- Sep 01, 2018 -

Get ready for all sorts of fancy footwear this season in the NBA. According to a report from Nick DePaula, one of the leading insiders in the shoe business, the league is lifting all color restrictions on players' shoes. Unlike in the past, when players had to wear either white, black or team color shoes, they'll now be free to rock any color shoes they want. 

According to DePaula's report, the league is doing this in an effort to allow players to further express themselves on the court. Via ESPN:

For the first time in league history, the NBA will allow players to wear sneakers of any color at any point during the upcoming season, league sources confirmed.

The rule change is part of the NBA's ongoing effort to allow its players to be expressive on the court.

There will, however, still be some restrictions, such as no reflective material. Additionally, third-party logos will need to be approved by the league. 

The only ongoing restrictions will regard third-party logos, which still will have to be preapproved by the league office before making their way to the court. Custom hand-painted sneakers, often made just days before being worn, surged in popularity last season. The league will continue to look closely at any third-party logos, as last season saw everything from nonapproved movie cover artwork to podcast logos to charity organization icons sneak onto the hardwood.

This is obviously understandable. You can't have guys wearing shoes that could potentially cause a glare or be a distraction to other players. And as for the third-party logos, it seems likely that most will be approved, but obviously the league will want to protect themselves against any potential scandal or embarrassment. 

Overall, this is a great move by the league. Anything that allows for more creativity and expression on the court will only help grow the game.                                                                             

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