Three Misunderstandings Should Be Avoided In Choosing Women's Shoes

- Feb 07, 2018 -

All the year round in the office work of women, most of foot pain is due to the problems caused by wearing high heels, experts believe that the so-called ideal shoes should have a hard and soft heel support soles, 10 toes belly can be in inside the shoe, and comfortable cushions and internal space enough.

3 crimes in the wrong shoes

The first one: make the foot bearing heavy and unreasonable heels too high, for example, more than 7 centimeters, forefoot weight bearing will increase, up to 80% of the body weight, resulting in forefoot pain; reasonable heel height is 2-4 cm, when the foot and foot load is about 50%, foot feel will be more comfortable. Look at the sole, and draw straight straight from the middle of the heel. We should divide the area of the sole so that the internal and external sides of the shoes are even. Otherwise, pain and other problems will occur on one side because of excessive stress.

Second: the energy buffer of the shoe is strong or too thin, the impact force of the ground directly affects the foot, so that the foot is easy to fatigue and strain. The third one: the extrusion and friction of shoes to feet. If the length or width of shoes is insufficient, it will cause pain and discomfort to toe and other extrusion and friction, which will cause lesions in the affected part.

The main points that should be paid attention to when buying shoes

1, with plantar heel at the concave radian must fit, ankle and toe should not touch the shoes. The front foot must have a certain swing space, and then the heel can not swing.

2, the ideal heel height is between 2-4 centimeters, it is best not to exceed 6 centimeters.

3, the weight of the shoe is increased by 1 grams, and the burden on the foot is equivalent to adding dozens of grams of weight on the back of the person's back. So, choose light shoes as much as possible.

4, the right shoes should be from the day to buy it right. Don't try to wear it for two days without grinding your feet. In the course of a painful running in, your feet will grow into problems, or even become deformities, so that they can't adapt to any good shoes in the future.

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