What Are The Features Of The Sole And The Shoe Material Of The Sports Shoes

- Feb 07, 2018 -

1, in the end: the inner bottom can also be counted as a form in the bottom of the bag, and the bag bottom is different, the mainland structure enclosed in a shoe sole bottom.

2, integral soles: the integral soles are the most commonly used EVA foam forming soles, which are low cost and skid resistant. They are very easy to slip with water.

3, PU overall sole: sports shoe factory household to this kind of sole of this kind of shoe is not many, PU shoe sole belongs to the sole of low temperature molding. The characteristics of PU at the end of the light, but not water, due to the chemical reaction layers will encounter water eroded.

4, pure rubber sole: pure rubber sole is used for outdoor mountaineering shoes, or work shoes, electrician shoes. The sole of the sole is made up of rubber, which has the advantages of wearproof and skidproof, and the disadvantage is that it is too heavy.

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